Community Letters 

Community Letter, Summer, 2013
Trudy and I worked as volunteers with the Women's Chamber of Commerce of Nevada and were on the Executive board together. Trudy always did what she said she would do. She was always professional and beautifully dressed. I also attended her wonderful Railroad Society Tea which was nicely done. Barbara Wood, Women's Chamber of Commerce of NV

Community Letter, Spring, 2013
I highly recommend Trduy, I have known Trudy for a long time, she served on my Executive Board at the Women's Chamber for five years. Her commitment to helping her community and the compassion she has to bring a wonderful Las Vegas Raildoad Park for families is very commendable and long overdue. She has been working on this project for many years and I know she will bring us many years of happyness with our families.
June Beland, Women's Chamber of Commerce of NV

Community Letter, Spring, 2013
Trudy is an excellent leader and has come a long way witha vision of the Railrod Museum. Joseph Parker

Community Letter, Spring, 2013
Trudy is a great communicator, skilled manager and leader. Trudy has a unique talent with regards to building relationships, particularly the ones with business professionals, charities and the people they serve. Larry Bussey

Community Letter, September 16, 2013
Trudy, Good Morning. I feel blessed to be part of your Railroad Museum project, you are a true Visionary with
an undertaking that requires many people doing an intricate part which you are orchestrating.
You have an amazing gift, and your contribution set in motion, within this city will have a ripple effect, blessing every life touched without ending. Thank you. Positively love to you, Deborah

Community Letter, April 25, 2012
Dear Trudy: My son and I are looking forward to visiting the Railroad Heritage Park one day. Thank you for all your efforts and the efforts of the society to bring this to fruition. Nikki Dennis

Community Letter, May 25, 2010

Dear Trudy Platzer: I admire your dedication and endurance as the Founder of the Las Vegas Railroad Society charity. You and your board absolutely deserve to reach your goal, this is quite an endeavor."
Derek David - The Platters 

Community Letter, April 2010:
Trudy is an exceptional person and I highly recommend everyone taking at look at the Las Vegas Railroad society project. Its exciting and much needed in our valley both for the local LV community and those coming to our wonderful city with Children. Not least! all railroad enthusiasts must see! The integrity in which this project is grown goes beyond the benchmark. All of which stems from Trudy, her energy, desire and focus to make this happen. Trudy lives for helping others and its an honor to know her. Elaine Karl

Community Letter, April 2010:
Thank you for all the money, time, energy and life that you have given to this project over the last 10+ yrs for the community. That is the most selflessness I've seen in my entire life. Hats off to you, as the Founders, Trudy & Bruno! / Lilia Bard

Community Letter, February 16, 2010:
Dear Trudy: Thank you so much for the wonderful experience at your Victorian High Tea Society's event. I have been to several HighTea events, even the Tate Museum in London and none were of the quality or yours. Met some very nice people and was pleased and encouraged by Dr. Suzie Rae as she read "me" through my tea leaves. / Toni McCann

Community Letter December 2009
Trudy, thank you for hosting the wonderful 'Victorian Christmas Tea', it was such a unique & special event! Kimberly Klein

Community Letter, September 10, 2009
Dear Trudy: Many – many thanks for allowing me to present at your 'educational business program event' last June 2009 . Even though I wasn’t a scheduled speaker and only presented for a few minutes, I made contact with a couple of the very impressive people in your group. One was Lillia Bard, the events planner for Carlisle NY, a high end women’s clothing retailer. From that connection I received a contract to deliver my sales course to the sales staff and managers of the six Las Vegas outlets which also included the Utah outlet. All I can say is 'Thank You' and wish that I had heard about and attended your 'educational business events' sooner. I will always attend your events whenever I am in Vegas. / Max Gregorich

Community Letter 2009:
Trudy's heart is as big as they come and beyond. With constant and never ending improvement, Trudy's vision is to bring to fruition the Las Vegas railroad and mining museum, botanical garden and cultural center and 200 acres live steam railroading. This will undoubtedly benefit the city, its children and instill a family atmosphere. Her passion and work ethic has no reservations, it only wants you to be a part of this magical transformation. Explore the endless vision on this website and volunteer for this one of a kind cause / Ian Dauth

Community support Letter (2006)
Dear Councilman Ross, Brown & Mayor Goodman:
I wanted to let you know that I support the railroad park project. My father for the Pennsylvania Railroad for 2 years in the 1950's - 1960's.  I have fond memories of riding on the trains as a young boy and how fun it was. I believe that children would a terrific time there as well as their parents and will have great memories of their own like I had when they visit the museum. This would be a great place for children to go for a field trip with their classmates and would bring some needed culture to the area and be a great tourist attraction. I am glad the Trudy Platzer is doing a great job in organizing this & I feel that she will get many people "All Aboard" the train. Sincerely, D. M.

Community support letter sent to to Councilman Ross, Brown and Mayor Goodman. (2006) 
Greetings Gentlemen: I am writing to share my concerns and support of what this project means to our community. I am a resident that lives in Las Vegas for 7 years now and have seen some amazing growth in this city. My family and I are very happy to see such awesome changes, however, some are not always in the best interest of family, community and Las Vegas history. My son Gunnar who is now 3.5 years old is a native to Las Vegas and I am hoping that there will be some history for him when he grows up. My intention is to ask for all of us to come together and help insure that this railroad museum (Las Vegas Railroad Society) comes to fruitarian. You all know that with Wet 'N Wild shut down, Scandia Golf Course no longer around and the MGM park closed, what do we have for our kids? Gentlemen, you have seen this community grow and experienced the pains of a booming city, however let's not forget what our families bring to this valley. Please stand behind a project that is very necessary and support what will help our growing future. Our children are the next generation....please be the 'conductor' and pay it forward. I appreciate your time and support. / Sincerely, S.C.





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