"Trudy, What delightful news. Your perseverance has paid off! I know the hard work and struggles will continue, but I am so happy for you. Denise is too. We are so thrilled and enjoyed all the digital pics of the loading and transporting of the trains.  We did not realize the round house may be constructed soon and the museum is so advanced in  concept. We always knew you would be successful, just didn't know that this year, would be the "break through year". CONGRATULATIONS!" / Marlene Adrian 

"WOW! Great to see this happen for you guys! Great work!" / Leonard Evans 

"Congratulations Trudy, Bruno, a move into the right direction!" / Jon Carpenter 

"Congratulations, glad to see you are doing so well!" / Elisabeth (NV Public Radio)

"Faith and persistence are winning!" / Toni McCann

"Great to hear!" / Wareen Goldstein

"Congratulations!!!! This is awesome! Finally light at the end of the tunnel! I can hear the train coming through, CHOOOO CHOOO!" / Serina Choi

"WOW - WOW - WOW! Is all I can say Trudy! That is so incredibly wonderful! I am so happy for you! What wonderful photos to share of such fabulous feat! Really, a beautiful site and such an accomplishment! All your long days and hard work are coming to fruition! Very exciting!!! Congratulations my dear - I am typing this with a huge smile on my face." / Patti 

"It looks like there is a lot of exciting stuff going on with the Las Vegas Railroad Society! Good job!" / Kendra Wright

"OUTRAGEOUSLY FABULOUS BEYOND BELIEF!!  Congratulations to you! This is such good news and I am truly happy for you. Sounds like LVRRS might be takiing off - Happy for you guys and for Las Vegas!" / Janice Williams

"Trudy,  you and your team are remarkable!!! Thank you! This is unbelievable!" Lillian Auschwitz 

"Hey I like the pictures and the story of the train from Laughlin- very exciting." Mark McGinty

"Congratulations! I am so proud of you- you have been diligent and look at you now! Great work- keep me informed." Gail Anderson

"What a great pic of your 'train caravan'!!  I'm getting more excited that you guys are getting closer to your dream!" Robin Vitiello






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